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Data Storage & Management Services

Why DataSite?

Why Do Puget Sound Businesses Choose DataSite?

Customer Care

An appreciation for Customer Care is firmly implanted in the DataSite culture. We recognize that our success is solely dependent on serving the needs of our number one asset – the customer.

The key to our success is dependent on our service to you, not serving the interests of stockholders.

We also know that one of the greatest resources for growth, as a company is the customer. Who better to gauge our commitment to service than the customer? Too often in business we ask only, “where does it hurt?” Of equal importance should be how our customers answer the question, “what feels good?” Of greatest importance is of course asking you, the customer, “what can we do to make you feel even better?”. This is ultimately how we evolve to adapt to our customers ever changing needs.

Quality Control

An example of our commitment to customer care is our emphasis and investment in quality control. We attach great importance to the concept that every customer, large or small is of critical importance, and are in fact our most important customer. This promotes consistency and is manifest in the quality of service.
Our staff is our greatest business asset, yet we acknowledge that as humans, mistakes may happen. To minimize the impact of such mistakes our inventory control software monitors activities related to movement and identification of each and every tape, box or file. Each barcode or file is scanned twice to assure proper placement in the inventory database. Delivery work orders are scanned to validate the accuracy of each order.

The final step is coming soon in the form of a mobile scanning verification done at the customers site.  This last step assures delivery to an authorized party while immediately updating the inventory database via a 3G transmission.  This same technology will allow our customers to check the status of an order in transit.


DataSite’s team members are the most important element in providing consistent quality customer care.




A team that is fully trained and prepared to utilize these innovations best supports our investment in sophisticated technology. DataSite enables each team member by providing on-going training and cross training of our inventory control software applications. This assures that our staff is equipped to serve the customers needs and fully aware of their importance in the process.

Since we recognize the value of a well-trained and motivated team, we offer our staff the opportunity to share in the success of Datasite.  Annual bonuses and spot cash prizes for exemplary service are part of the overall compensation program.   Not to mention that we have a lot of fun at DataSite!


DataSite is locally owned and operated since 1993.

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