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Data Storage & Management Services

Co-Location Rotation Services

Co-Location Service

You’ll never have to drive to your co-location site again to swap out backups. As a matter of fact, you’ll never have to think about it again.

Datasite is at the forefront of customer-focused data protection in the Pacific Northwest. A hosted tape rotation service that makes your managed or unmanaged co-located server arrangement truly complete.


We Do the Leg Work, So You Can Get Your Work Done

Datasite Northwest co-location services are designed so that you will never have to drive to your co-location site to swap backup tapes.


Off-Site Storage Ensures Risk-Free Protection of Your Critical Data

Your tapes are stored in our secure temperature and humidity-controlled Firelock Media Vault. This unique facility is highly secure and carefully engineered to provide the highest level of protection.

Less Expensive Than Doing It Yourself

Our co-location service is less costly because it’s more efficient than having your employee go to your server cage to exchange your backups. At the vault, we bar-code the tapes or removable devices and assign the appropriate return dates. We guarantee that your critical data is sent off-site with accurate documentation. And like always, your backups are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Expert Handling of Your Media

DataSite’s Account Management staff will work with your organization to document specifics that support your backup strategy. A service “script” will be developed and posted on service orders and posted at your co-location site.

As secure as your backup tapes will be, they remain completely accessible to you when and if you need them. Just call Datasite and arrange a delivery.

Simply let Datasite Northwest know your current and future requirements and we will develop a custom program to meet your needs.

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