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Data Storage & Management Services

Off-Site Data Storage

Information Security for the Digital Age

Information is your company’s lifeblood. If a disaster strikes is your company’s data safe? Do you store all of your data in one location? How long would it take you to recover and get back to business?   To protect your information assets, and your company’s future, you can rely on DataSite.

We are an industry leader in providing efficient and cost-effective off-site data storage solutions. Currently more than 500 organizations in the Puget Sound area do business with confidence thanks to DataSite’s commitment to excellent service and innovative technology. Our customer list is a “who’s who” of the Northwest’s new economy, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

DataSite’s proprietary technology enables us to offer you more efficient and cost-effective management of your off-site data. We take great pride in the investment we have made in our VaultWare inventory control software.


VaultLink Web Access

VaultLink Web™, our browser based client module allows users to view their off-site inventory, create custom reports, and analyze their off-site programs in numerous ways. Day-to-day, VaultLink Web™ streamlines the process of designating tapes and containers for off-site protection. As tapes are scanned into slots or shelf locations your designated tapes or containers are confirmed as received. The audit trail is complete and a confirmation statement may be viewed in the VaultLink Web module.

Download the VaultLink Web Demo

DataSite’s FIRELOCK Vault

The DataSite FIRELOCK vault has the highest fire rating of any media vault in our industry. And, with our powerful inventory management software, which allows you to track and manage the status of your media online, you’ll have a powerful line of protection in place.

FIRELOCK Vaults are far superior for media storage than concrete or block vaults that emit steam into the storage area when exposed to the heat source.  Steam, at 212° F, destroys vital magnetic and film media. The insulating core of the FIRELOCK panel is completely dry and inert, even during exposure to a 2000° F fire. Self-sealing cable trays protect electrical and communications cables against conduit heat transfer similar to radiation shields in nuclear power plants. The thermal break between our vault’s double door constructions strengthens the heat barrier.  Add to the feature list of the FIRELOCK magnetic shielding, vapor barrier, and seismic protection, this class 125 Media rated fire vault is the state-of-the-art in fireproof media storage.

Advanced environmental controls ensure that dust, humidity, and temperature are optimally maintained to the highest industry standards. The media storage chamber is environmentally controlled for temperature at 68° F and 33% humidity – maintained constantly and tracked on a chart recorder. The unique steel structural system offers three times the strength of the average building.

DataSite Delivery

Our trained and bonded couriers drive unmarked, alarmed courier vehicles to ensure that your data is available to you on demand 24 hours per day. Three levels of delivery service are available:

  • Scheduled: Delivery time is coordinated with our vault operations staff.
  • Rush: Delivery on an ASAP basis with delivery guaranteed within two hour during business hours.
  • Emergency: Emergency delivery is available during non-business hours with a guarantee of two hours response.

DataSite Service Features

  • Scheduled pickups and rotations of critical backups
  • Ideal vault storage environment
  • 24/7 On-demand service
  • Trained & bonded staff couriers
  • Unmarked, alarmed courier vehicles
  • Sophisticated bar code based inventory control
  • Multi-tiered authorization protocol

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