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Data Storage & Management Services


Secure Document Shredding Services

A document destruction program from DataSite eliminates exposure, reduces risk and even lowers your cost of destruction.  It begins with a well-designed plan of action specific to your needs.   DataSite offers convenient service options that let you focus on mission-critical tasks while we take care of the details of this important function.

What Should We Shred?

Medical/Patient Records
Films, X-Rays etc.
Financial and Tax Records
Account Numbers
Company Correspondence
Personnel Records
Employment Applications
Payroll Records
Cancelled Checks
Price Lists
Bids, Quotes or Proposals
Competitor Information
Bank Statements
Hard Drives, Disks, Floppies
Plastic Credit Cards and ID Cards
Magnetic Media
Maps and Blueprints
New Product Proposals
Inventory Lists

Confidential Memos Outdated Business Records
Information on Competitors
Advertising Misprints
Obsolete Inventory
Trademark Items
Customer/Client Lists
Legal Records
Computer Printouts

Why is shredding so important?

Not sure what to keep and what to destroy?

Easy on You and the Environment

Records stored at DataSite may be scheduled for destruction as part of a comprehensive records management program. Using DataSite’s ActiveWeb on-line client interface users may submit listings of records storage cartons for destruction. Before destroying any documents, we run through a series of checks and approvals, based upon your written permission. We then safely recycle shredded documents. You get peace-of-mind knowing the right documents are destroyed and you have a hand in conserving our precious environmental resources.

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